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Fashion Photography and Photoshop

Sunday, June 19, 2011 1 comments
I wanted to start out a new post direction discussing fashion, wedding couture and photography, or more like post processing. Fashion photography has so much to do with post processing. I have seen countless videos where the post processing changes every aspect of the photo. The before and after photo are almost like night and day. I love the Vogue photo spread where famous models ALLOWED photographers to post images where there was no post processing. Viva models untouched is the way I like to see a model. Editorial, focusing on the photography and the relationship with the model. Not some idealized version of what women should look like.

A great photographer is one who finds the personality of the model, brings it out through interaction, takes a lighting idea to highlight that emotion and finally, anticipated the emotion before hitting the shutter.

On a regular basis the words, "you can photoshop - insert change here -" comes out of peoples mouths. Yes, photoshop does have a place. But the porcelain skin in the above model is ubiquitous in fashion and advertising photography photos. I see it in wedding advertisements, magazine covers and look at my models and wonder how much skin work I will have to do for thier portfolio shots. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing but I have switched from newer razor sharp Nikon lenses to older lenses in order to lessen some of the detail.